COVID-19 Solution for Business

Contact trace.
Record and analyse workplace interactions like never before.

COVID-19 has significantly changed the face of Health and Safety in workplaces throughout South Africa. This invisible enemy will continue to lurk in our society and places of work for time to come.

Our Solution to the Problem

We’ve created a wearable contact tracing device, capable of recording every interaction within a specified proximity zone.

When two or more devices come within range, the interactions are digitally recorded on devices, before being uploaded for review or analysis. Devices can also be deployed to fixed locations and vehicles. For example, by placing devices at hand wash and sanitation points, you will be able to measure and audit compliance with hygiene protocols.

The Device

Active Contact
Tracing Wearable

A wearable device that can record and store employee interactions within the recommended 2m range to successfully identify high risk or infected individuals in order to prevent workplace shutdown.


Understanding Device Interactions

The data will give you a complete view of all interactions between people,  locations and tracked assets.

This will allow you to proactively assess your distancing protocols and identify high risk individuals or teams. A single employee testing positive for COVID-19 has a significant operational impact, but also impacts the morale of staff. Our solution will give you the opportunity to accurately isolate employees at risk based on actual interaction data, keeping unaffected staff positive and productive.

The Dashboard

An intuitive dashboard that makes the visualisation of social distancing simple.

Welcome to Dashboard, the virtual world of data you’re able to access to truly harness the power your Active Contact Tracing device. We’ve made it simple, so you can focus on the keeping your employees safe.


Data-informed Decisions

How to Actively Manage Employees

Use your data as actionable intelligence to stop the spread of COVID-19. We provide you with all the necessary data points to make informed decisions to keep your employees and operations safe.

Setup and Deployment

We’ve done the
hard work for you,
setup is simple.

The rapid deployment of the ACT solution will be as easy as receiving your already personalized beacon, a double tap of the device at the access point and you are good to go. We will handle the beacon assignment and personalization for you. The access point must be powered from a standard AC wall socket, and be strategically placed somewhere all beacons will pass daily.

Getting Started

Order your COVID-19
business solution today.

Estimated system costs vary based on the number of employees and complexity of the site. A reasonable cost estimate would be between R198 and R330 per employee once off. Contact us for a tailored price.

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