June 16, 2020

Active Contact Tracing

Business Insider Features Our Active Contact Tracing Technology


Active Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is a popular solution for tracking the COVID-19 virus and keeping employees safe. We were recently contacted by Business Insider to find out how we are different from other contact tracing solutions.

What is contact tracing? 

Contact tracing, in simple terms, is the process of identifying a person that has COVID-19, isolating them, and then figuring out who are the people that the positive person came in contact with and might possibly also have the virus. By using technology to measure and record interactions between individuals, it makes the job a lot easier and more accurate. By using contact tracing at the workplace, you are able to help keep your employees safe. 

How are we different from other contact tracing solutions? 

The main difference between our solution and others is the fact that you do not require a smartphone that either has to be provided or run the risk of being stolen. We offer a low-tech solution that is better suited to the South African context. This makes our solution considerably more affordable than other contact tracing solutions. 

How it works

We designed a wearable device that records employees’ proximity to other devices and access points. This makes it possible to track employees’ compliance with workplace health and safety measures. The device does not track your location, but only proximity to ensure employee privacy. All the data is available on an easy to use dashboard that can be viewed on any device with an internet connection. 

After someone tests positive for COVID-19, the dashboard makes it possible to contact trace and easily identify other employees who are at risk of having contracted the virus by coming in contact with the identified positive person. 

You can read the Business Insider article here.